Perfect covers for animal lovers

Each owner of a dog, cat, or other domestic animal certainly knows what damages pets can do to furniture. It is therefore, worth considering a fabric cover that will maintain an impeccable appearance for a long time. We are fond of animals and therefore offer a collection of fabrics that minimizes the effects of pet activity.

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For animal owners we recommend fabrics with a protective coating based on innovative technology that behaves like a flexible and resilient barrier, preventing the fabric against damage by your pet. A majority of our fabric collections are covered with such special finish. When choosing fabric we recommend those with the indication EASY CLEAN . These are fabrics that allow for quick and easy removal of home generated stains.

Animal lovers will also appreciate the high strength parameters of the fibres, which are provide an exceptional resistance to tear and abrasion. Abrasion resistance of most fabrics is 50 thousand Martindale cycles.

Do you want see if the fabrics can stand up to your pet? Order free samples and see how easy they are to keep clean!

Learn more about our innovative technologies that facilitate cleaning here.

We also invite you to read the detailed information on cleaning EASY CLEAN fabrics here.


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